Stream bb
Year 2021
Personal - work in progress
A livestream broadcasting buddy
Stream bb is a device for livestreamers which allows them to customize, control, and visualize their stream in a new way. Stream bb consists of two components which work together creating a fluid system for streamers. The buddy is a physical representation of the stream. It notifies the streamer of important information, its emotions reflect chat behavior, it changes lighting to set a stream mood, displays chat messages, and can take audio commands to control the stream. The other piece of the system is the base. The base functions as a control panel for streamers to fine-tune their audio, navigate with hotkeys, and make changes on the fly.
Streaming is on the rise.
Millions of people watch streams daily to be a part of a bigger community. Streaming allows individuals to turn their passion into a career. Though primarily centered around gaming, streaming has grown to much more. Becoming some of the most watched content online, streaming is a way for people to connect and communities to grow.
Streaming requires an ecosystem of products...
Streaming requires a fine-tuned ecosystem of products all working together to produce and engaging viewer experience. This current solution takes up a lot of space, is confusing to set up, and is expensive.
... but it can be simplified.
User research
Multiple streamers were contacted for interviews to understand what it takes to be a streamer today. A survey was made and data was gathered from a 112 person sample size to gather insights which led my design decisions and ideation.
Streamers want their viewers to feel engaged.
To streamers, the chat is their community. They know their community as a whole and engage with chat as one. But chat sees streamers on a more personal level. There is a disconnect between how chat and viewers interact with one another.
Streaming device management is challenging.
With all the equipment required to have an engaging stream, it is no wonder streamers always worry about pressing the wrong button or unintentionally sharing a screen. With a combination of physical interactions and digital programs, it is challenging for streamers to easily access what they need while they are live.
Concept development
Story: How does stream bb work?
Being a product for streamers, stream bb is meant to assist in setup, engage with viewers, and immerse the streamer in their stream and game.
Looking at playful, engaging, and future-facing objects helped guide me to create a design language that follows a similar aesthetic.
Form development
With my initial sketches, I focused primarily on ideas. Getting as many different concepts on paper. With this round I narrowed in, with the idea of designing a character. Recognizable, fun, fresh, customizable, interactive, forward-thinking; were all words I kept in mind while sketching.
CAD Sketch refinement
Further narrowing the concepts down to three unique directions allowed me to assess the merits of each in a more holistic manner.
Stream bb is your personal livestreaming assistant.
Stream bb is a new way to enhance viewer engagement and fine-tune your stream. Control audio, create hotkeys, clip pieces of your stream, and immerse your viewers in a fully customizable buddy.
The Stream buddy
The buddy is a customizable assistant which relays audio commands through the base into your PC. Stream buddy displays chat notifications, emotes, and helps make sure your stream is running smooth.
Stream buddy alerts the streamer when a viewer engages with their stream. To promote engagement with chat, stream buddy will change color, facial expression, and play an audio cue based on the viewer request or streamer settings.
When there is a 1200 IQ play, or death from a lvl. 1 slime, the stream chat is always there to make sure the moment was captured. Emotes are one of the biggest parts of engaging with chat, and stream buddy makes that response from chat even more real.
Audio commands
Streams are not always smooth. Switching scenes, changing audio levels, editing the stream title, taking snack and potty breaks. In the middle of a livestream it can hurt view count to spend time messing with back-end controls. Instead, speaking through your mic with commands allows you to be more involved with stream content and viewers.
The Stream base
The base is a customizable stream control hub. Multiple audio inputs in the back allow for full audio mixing, stream hotkey controls, and editing stream titles, descriptions, or thumbnails while live. The base give streamers full control, and in unison with the buddy, you can edit your stream easily.
Precise control
Physical dial interaction paired with a digital interface allows for full customization while still retaining the small, minute control that is needed when it comes to fine-tuning things like audio levels.
Customizable interface
The face of the dial, along with the screen can be swapped via voice commands, or a simple swipe on the screen. Touch interactions such as tapping to mute, or sliding to switch between options. The digital interface affords ultimate customization.
Full audio control
Full audio ports on the back allow streamers to fine tune how their stream sounds. Connect Stream bb to your microphone to hear the audio through your PC, and say commands without any external volume.
The customization
Stream buddy has a frosted transparent shell that can be special ordered to fit a streamer's brand. One thing that kept coming up in research is how keeping on-brand is how viewers relate to a streamer. Being able to brand and create your own custom character means that your Stream buddy is one of a kind!
Work in progress. Update coming soon.
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