Paleontologists require a lot of tools in the field
But there is no current solution for gear storage.
The Goal
Provide paleontologists the freedom to organize and transport their gear easily and efficiently.
User Interviews
I sat down to talk with two professionals, Mike T. and Thor H. to discuss how they transport their gear. 

Does your current bag get uncomfortable?
" I use a sling bag which is good for shorter trips, easy access. But i really should be using a more comfortable bag on longer excursions. "

Do you find your bag to generally be organized?
" I take time before trips to clean it. Lot's of times I have to rummage through pockets to find exactly what I need. "
Paleontologist's Gear
1.  Chisels
2.  Walkie-Talkie
3.  GPS
4.  Rock Hammer
5.  Probes
6.  Brushes
7.  Swiss Army Knife
8.  Vinac
9.  Markers and Plastic Bags
10.  Tape Measure

Plaster and Bandages
Field Notebook
First Aid Kit
1. Organization to make it quicker and easier to reach what is needed.
2. Comfortable to wear for days at a time.
3. Versatile enough to allow different use for different trips.
4. Durable enough to withstand being tossed around in harsh conditions.
Comfort + Accessibility
Every paleontologist organizes their pack differently. The goal was to create an all-in-one pack that allows the user to arrange their tools the way they find most comfortable.
I started experimenting with the rollable tool belt concept, how would it attach to the bag? is it held on the bottom or top? How do you detach it from the main bag? does it stay on the outside of the main compartment. How does the tool belt unroll? The rough ideas helped me guide my decisions in the next round of prototyping.
Another concept was a packable tarp backpack. Something that would fold-up into a bag, but then create a working surface tarp to lay out gear when you got to the dig site. There were a lot of problems with this concept pertaining to cleaning, packing, and user flow throughout the packing and unpacking.
The next phase of prototypes I experimented with combining the backpack and detachable tool belt idea. I had to figure out how the belt would detach from the bag that would be easiest for the user. I explored a pull-tab that could bring everything inside the bag in one tug. Also a foldable buckle system to allow users to buckle the tool belt to their chest while digging without having to take off the backpack. With both of these ideas the tools would continue to fall out, so I had to figure out a way to keep them secure, yet accessible.
A hiking backpack used to transport all of the gear you need to the dig site.
Lengthen one of the straps and Paleo Pack becomes a sling bag with quick access, waterproof pockets to store samples efficiently.
Field Kit / Belt
Unroll the field kit on the front of the pack and detach the backpack hip belt to transform it into a quick access tool belt when you are on a dig and need easy access to your tools.
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