"If you're not on your game every day, you're gonna get smoked."
-Michael Phelps 
Ghost Brings the excitement from racing, into personal training.
Design Goals
Augmented reality provides swimmers with a new way to get useful data from their coach while training, practice racing against other people, and engage them more during repetitive lap swimming.
Molding clay to existing goggles simulated the necessary components that need to go into the goggles to allow for the augmented reality features to work properly.
I concluded that evenly distributing the components throughout the front of the goggles allowed for most comfort, without obstruction to vision, and allowed users to easily put them on like standard swimming goggles.
CAD allowed me to precisely fit in the components. I had to figure out how to keep the form slimmed down enough to fit all of the components that allow augmented reality to work.
Ghost gives swimmers the upper edge during training.
Get Real-Time Data
Clock time, distance traveled, swimming pace. Data is crucial to swimmers, but has yet to be accessible to them. Ghost provides Swimmers with the data they need, while not being obtrusive to training.
Race Other Swimmers
Focus and hard work. That is what it takes for swimmers to compete. Ghost simulates this feeling by superimposing a hologram into the next lane.
Explore Lively Environments
Training does not always have to be extreme. Going the distance, and getting miles in the water is just as crucial for all swimmers. However, “When it gets boring I daydream – that’s when I miscount laps!” (Yvette Kong) 
Put yourself in a new ecosystem, to explore. Adding interest to the repetitive nature of swimming laps in a pool.
Listen in the Water
Out-of-ear, bone conduction headphones allows swimmers to hear above the water. Listen to your coach with more awareness of your surroundings.
Ghost provides a clear view of your performance.
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